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1. Plant, pollen and insect registration in the area

Either you know the plants and select them directly from a database or you use the image recognition of the Beekeepr app to determine the plants that occur in the area. (in the app the area is equal to the garden). With the app you take a picture of the plant in nature. Then the app makes a suggestion that you can accept or correct based on suggestions from a database. This selection of plants with information about the pollen colors serves as a basis for the observations of the pollen input at the flight hole of the bee colony. The photos of the flowers contain a time stamp and a geolocation in the metadata. With the image recognition method, the pollen color and an insect can also be assigned. 

2. Determination of the pollen colors at the flight hole

At the flight hole of the bee colony you observe the pollen entry with your eye and select the registered pollen color in the app. Depending on the season (month) and the previously recorded plants, the app knows what is flowering in this area at that time and which pollen colors belong to which plants. 


These two pieces of information are forwarded to the BeeLivingSensor server and help the artificial intelligence to interpret the videos of the bees' flight hole in a meaningful way.

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